Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Last of Us (posted from "N3rdN3w5")

The Last of Us is one of my top 10 favorite games of all time.  Developed by NaughtyDog in 2011, this game is not only rich in the storyline, but is also visually stunning and a complete success. There is also an extensive multiplayer which is a very good part of the game as well. The game takes place after an apocalypse, where spores have turned people into savages. These savages eat flesh and kill anything alive.

The main characters, Joel and Ellie, are on a quest that will take them across the country to find the fireflies, an organized militia who are trying to find a cure for the infection. WILL JOEL AND ELLIE FIND THE FIREFLIES? I don't know. Ok, maybe I do know because I played the game and beat it. BUT YOU DON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU BEAT IT!!

Links to sites for pictures:

Screen shot from the game below, under that is a clicker, under that is a pic of Joel and Ellie

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