Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Final Fantasy XIV (from G4m3 Z0n3)

One of my favorite game series is Final Fantasy.  That's just me, but I love the game series. The newest game from them is Final Fantasy 14, or FFXIV which is a MMORPG. This is a remake of their less successful FFXI.

FFXIV was expected and wanted by so many that in the first week of it being out, the Digital Downloads were sold out (I know I tried buying it), and the CD copies had a huge gash in its numbers. To add on to that success in sales the servers were full!  They had to both add servers and increase the capacity!

This game will probably make more sense if you are a fan of Final Fantasy, but also if you are really into MMO's. I forgot to mention that they hoped this game would be a big success so much it is even on sale for PS3.

You can play on just computer realms, just PS3 realms, or if you have friends who play on PS3 and you play on computer, you can play on cross realms!! Check it out, I know I will. Oh and here is their main site is where I got the picture of Behemoth, but he is in most if not all the games)
P.S. It will make it easy to get on if you play computer if you have a Square Enix account, you will have to create one if you don't

Book One - Glass Houses (from Vampires are from Morganville)

In the following post, I will be talking about what happens in the first book and what I liked about it after reading through it. Please, if you have not read the book yourselves, read it first before spoiling the plot for yourself. Thank you!   ~JMH

In the first book, Claire Danvers is introduced. She is a 'smarticle particle,' as my friends would say. She is sixteen when she is brought forward as a freshman in college, coming from a town about an hour away from Morganville's Texas Prairie University. She is noted as one of the youngest characters in the books. Right from the get-go, Claire is subjected to bullying. Monica Morrell and her backup girls, Gina and Jennifer, take all of her laundry and trash it -- literally. They took her clothes and tossed them into the trash chute. I cannot recall if she ever gets her clothes back or not, but I do remember that as Claire is heading down the dorm's stairs, the 'Bad Touch Trio' (in no reference to Hetalia) push her down, making her hit every single step on her way down.

Extremely embarrassed by the entire affair, Claire storms out of the dorm, backpack in hand. She sees a poster that says, "Roommate Wanted!" and is intrigued. She calls the number and a girl named Eve Rosser answers. She tells Claire to come to the house, the Glass House, to see her, Shane Collins, and Michael Glass, owner of the threshold.

Throughout the book, Michael is on and on about Claire not being 18 yet, and keeps saying that she needs to go back to the dorm, even though if she returns Monica and her backup girls will probably kill her. "The popular girls never let her forget just where she ranks in the school’s social scene: somewhere less than zero," says the Morganville Vampire blog by Jayda Steele

In a science lab, Gina 'accidentally' throws acid on Claire's back, and would've dumped the entire container on her if Claire hadn't yelled out, gaining the attention of the entire class. The acid burns through her clothes and damages her back, sending searing, white-hot pain through her every time it gets touched. This shows just one of the ways Monica tries to literally kill Claire throughout the series.

Later on in the book, as the four roommates find out that Oliver, Eve's boss at the copy shop named Common Grounds, is a vampire. When he comes to the house, Claire answers the door and invites him in, much to Michael's horror. He was already killed once by Oliver, becoming a half-ghost trapped in his own house. He does not want to relive the experience.  Along with Oliver, Shane's dad Frank comes back to town. He's known for hating the vampires, and stakes Michael, killing him again.

Monday, March 3, 2014

What to do with old chainsaws (from the blog, "Chainsaws")

Today I'll talk about what to do with your old saws.
If you don't want them whether you have one old saw or one hundred you can
1. give them away
2. try to sell them
3. throw them away (this is the least recommended method for dealing with old chainsaws)

When you try to sell chainsaws, there is a fine line of what people and collectors will buy. The average Joe will buy most saws under 10 years and under for $150.  If your saw is in the 15 to 25 year range, it is much harder to sell especially if it is a smaller saw. This range is the hardest to sell because most saws in this range are not old enough for collectors and too old for the average joe. When you really don't want the saws, the best thing is to just to give them away.  If you were just going to throw them away or let them sit till they die, you should just give them away. if your saw is really old 35 years or older you could probably sell them to a collector.
 This is a little nice to give away, but it is old.