Friday, February 28, 2014

Winter is Coming to an End :( (Posted from "Daily Fashionista")

As we all know winter is coming to and end which means we no longer bundle up in layers of clothing. Like always we all start to wear more floral spring inspired clothes. Remember when wearing floral, don't over use the theme.  It can end up with you looking like a flower.  Also use colors found in the floral accessory for your clothes and shoes. When you wear bright colored clothing, it can often brighten your day. This look will definitely help you put some spring into your step and look. Today's outfit consists of a dress, tights, shoes, headband, scarf, and bracelet. Please remember to comment any and all suggestions for further post themes.

Here are the links to todays outfit and clothes don't forget Stay Stylish! :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is the Mad March Hare really as Mad as they had us believe? (Posted from "Disney Quotes")

[after they have restrained the Dormouse]
"Mad Hatter: Ah thank goodness! Those are the things that upset me!
March Hare: See all the trouble you started?
Alice: But I didn't think...
March Hare: Ah, that's just it. If you don't think, then you shouldn't talk. "
Text taken from:
Quoted from the script

How many times have you heard the phrase, think before you speak? Well even the Mad March Hare says it in the classic Alice in Wonderland. Most people don't think but always seem to be talking. Maybe they never watched the March Hare, but he could have given them some really good advice.

Be Bold (posted from "Stay Beautiful")

There are endless ways to take risks and express your style: through your hairstyle, clothing, decor, writing, or art. You can also use makeup as a creative outlet to make a statement. Whether it's a simple cat eye or a full-on rainbow look, the boldness of your makeup is totally up to you! Here are some tips for conveying your style and personality using makeup:

1. Find and highlight a unique feature.

Whether you have an unusual eye shape or a beautiful array of freckles, play up the feature that sets you apart from everyone else. Use eyeliner to enhance the shape of your eyes or a blush to bring out an interesting undertone in your skin.

Singer Selena Gomez commonly uses a smokey eye makeup look to play up her eye shape. --Credit for the photo.

Youtuber HelloKatyxo shows off her naturally thick brows by keeping the rest of her makeup simple. --Credit for the photo.

2. Feel free to incorporate touches of your personal style.

Once you've selected a feature that you want to accent, it's time to put your personal style onto it. Girly, edgy, boho, you name it! Express yourself by adding in hints of your style to your makeup routine. If you're a girly-girl, try adding a dusting of pink to your eyelid or cheeks, or a touch of glitter to the center of your lips. If you love to rock a daring and edgy style, incorporate some drama to your look by sporting a bold, dark lip color.

This eyeshadow look, complete with a pink highlight color, is girly without going overboard.

Mac's lipstick in the shade "Cyber" adds intensity and drama to any otherwise simple makeup look. --Credit for the photo.

A thin line of rainbow colors across the upper or lower lash line is a great way to express your fun personality. Top off the look with a coat of mascara and you're good to go!

3. Create one focus point of your makeup look.

Everyone loves a good smoky eye, a bright red lip, and some defined contouring, but not all at once! Pick one aspect of your makeup that you want to make a statement with and keep the rest more understated and natural while still maintaining a balance. For example, if you opt for an intense eyeshadow look, pair it up with a lip color that won't be competing with your eyes for the spotlight. Think complement, not clash. 

A smoky eye and a nude lip are a match made in heaven! --Credit for the picture.

The lady in this picture was smart to keep her eye and cheek makeup subtle while rocking a fierce red lip. The winged liner across the upper lash line creates the perfect balance -- a bold lip with no eye makeup could look unbalanced. Credit for the photo.

4. Take risks

Don't be afraid to express yourself. Experiment and try new things, because you'll never know how you look with certain makeup until you wear it! Remember not to go too crazy, because often times the strongest statements are the simplest ones.

Credit for the photo.

5. Stay true to your style

It's great to branch out and try different new makeup looks, but always keep your personal style in mind and value it as you experiment. Use makeup to express yourself, not transform into a different person.

And with that, stay beautiful!

Hunger Games Top Quotes (posted from "Fandom Nerds")

Every good fan has a favorite quote said by their favorite characters, right? It might just be me but I always do and The Hunger Games is no exception. Since this is a blog and not a casual conversation I will tell you my favorite quote for all the characters in The Hunger Games book 1. So let's start with Katniss Everdeen. Who doesn't remember her heartfelt, "I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute." While this might be the favorite for many a Hunger Games fan, it is not mine.  Personally my favorite quote to leave her lips was "District Twelve. Where you can starve to death in safety." I think it shows a lot of wit and how hard her life really was, how hard life is for people who live under governments that make false promises and truths.
Peeta Mellark has said a lot of things that really hit you in the chest and make you want Katniss to love that boy, but in reality I think what personally makes Peeta so attractive is the fact that he can keep his head and joke even in dire situations. So I feel that his best quote was "You here to finish me off, sweetheart?" In this moment he was so accepting, life was horrible for him. He had saved the girl he loved only days before, but now he was dying because of it. He had no way to defend himself except through his own wits, and now this girl is back and possibly going to kill him and he was fine with that, because if he died she would survive.
Haymitch Abernathy was Katniss and Peeta's mentor but he had all but given up hope. Why? Because for years he had been forced to get acquainted with two new children than he had to watch them survive. By the time Katniss and Peeta came along he was a drunk trying to drown away his past. He didn't want to help them because he didn't believe that they could survive the arena that is until he meets them a little more. So from the first book my favorite quote is from when Katniss asks him for some advice and all he can manage to say to her is "Here's some advice. Stay alive."People might say this is cryptic of him but I believe it really captures his character because so far for the last umpteen years not one of his tributes has been able to follow that little piece of advice.
Effie's quote is hands down, "That is mahogany." while yes it gets us all to laugh that is not the reason I chose it.This shows just how "Capital" Effie is. When your only worry is about material objects you've been raised in the lap of luxury. If you compare Effie to Katniss, you really see the difference between their two lives.  While Katniss was struggling to feed her family, Effie has been gorging herself on food. I don't want to get to political on this, but isn't this what is happening in society. Men and woman are struggling to feed their families all over the world, while a very small percentage lives in excess to the point where they don't know how to live without things that others could only dream about.

The Last of Us (posted from "N3rdN3w5")

The Last of Us is one of my top 10 favorite games of all time.  Developed by NaughtyDog in 2011, this game is not only rich in the storyline, but is also visually stunning and a complete success. There is also an extensive multiplayer which is a very good part of the game as well. The game takes place after an apocalypse, where spores have turned people into savages. These savages eat flesh and kill anything alive.

The main characters, Joel and Ellie, are on a quest that will take them across the country to find the fireflies, an organized militia who are trying to find a cure for the infection. WILL JOEL AND ELLIE FIND THE FIREFLIES? I don't know. Ok, maybe I do know because I played the game and beat it. BUT YOU DON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU BEAT IT!!

Links to sites for pictures:

Screen shot from the game below, under that is a clicker, under that is a pic of Joel and Ellie

Marcus Smart (posted from "College Basketball's Best")

             The second best player in college basketball right now, I believe, is Marcus Smart who plays for Oklahoma State. He is averaging over 17 points a game and 6 rebounds per game. Standing at 6'4 with a 6'8 wingspan, he is a very athletic guard who can put up big numbers on the scoreboard. He also averages 2.3 steals per game, 18th in the country for steals. He is not just an offensive player but also a defensive player. Marcus Smart is projected to go 5th in the 2014 NBA draft, but I believe that he will go higher.

              "Smart can dominate a game in so many different ways, but what I’ve been most impressed with has been his ability to rebound the ball now that Michael Cobbins is out. In the five games since then, Smart is averaging 9.6 rebounds." - Rob Dauster

Loki Laufeyson (posted from "Marvel: The Avengers")

"I am Loki of Asgard. And I am burdened with a glorious purpose."
I am Loki Laufeyson of Asgard. Kneel to me. I grew up with Thor Odinson, whom I thought was my brother. I always lived in his shadow. Father always favored him more and we was always the most popular one. He wasted his time oaffing around with his silly hammer and strength. I spent more time reading and practicing my magical abilities. 
I remember leading Frost Giants inside the castle walls during Thor's coronation. It was just a bit of fun really. When Thor and I, along with Lady Sif and the Warriors 3, (Warriors 3) went to Jotunheim, the home of Frost Giants, I found out who I truly was. When Father, if I should even call him that, told me that I was a Frost Giant, I was furious. I wanted to rid Asgard of the race that I had come from. I could have done it too, but Thor got in the way.
I then left Asgard and drifted through space until I landed on a realm that would help me get a kingdom of my own. I chose to rule Midgard. (Earth) Those mortals were made to be ruled. They went on their daily lives slaughtering one another! I was so close to ruling and setting those ignorant mortals straight. That was until my idiotic brother and his new friends . . . The Avengers I believe they were called, came and ruined everything! I was sadly captured and was forced to return to Asgard with Thor.
I stayed in prison for a while, until I had my opportunity. Dark Elves. (Dark Elves) Father did not want to raise trouble with the pathetic creatures who continued to attack the castle. Finally, Thor brought matters into his own hands. But, he needed my help. Fore I was the only one who knew a way out of the castle without anyone else catching us. Sadly, we were caught up with Dark Elves and we fought them. It was quite nice to be fighting with my brother again.... WHAT AM I SAYING?! I died for Thor.... Or did I?
Yes. I am back. *Evil grin* But you will have to wait a little while longer to find out what exactly is on my mind.

The First Book - Welcome to Morganville, Claire! (From 'Vampires Are From Morganville')

Welcome to Morganville, Texas. Don't stay out after dark.

In the first book, Claire Danvers is introduced. She is a 'smarticle particle,' as my friends would say. She is sixteen when she is brought forward as a freshman in college, coming from a town about an hour away from Morganville's Texas Prairie University. She is noted as one of the youngest characters in the books. Right from the get-go, Claire is subjected to bullying. Monica Morrell and her backup girls, Gina and Jennifer, take all of her laundry and trash it -- literally. They took her clothes and tossed them into the trash chute. I cannot recall if she ever gets her clothes back or not, but I do remember that as Claire is heading down the dorm's stairs, the 'Bad Touch Trio' (in no reference to Hetalia) push her down, making her hit every single step on her way down.

Extremely embarrassed by the entire affair, Claire storms out of the dorm, backpack in hand. She sees a poster that says, "Roommate Wanted!" and is intrigued. She calls the number and a girl named Eve Rosser answers. She tells Claire to come to the house, the Glass House, to see her, Shane Collins, and Michael Glass, owner of the threshold.

Throughout the book, Michael is on and on about Claire not being 18 yet, and keeps saying that she needs to go back to the dorm, even though if she returns Monica and her backup girls will probably kill her. "The popular girls never let her forget just where she ranks in the school’s social scene: somewhere less than zero," says the Morganville Vampire blog by Jayda Steele

In a science lab, Gina 'accidentally' throws acid on Claire's back, and would've dumped the entire container on her if Claire hadn't yelled out, gaining the attention of the entire class. The acid burns through her clothes and damages her back, sending searing, white-hot pain through her every time it gets touched. This shows just one of the ways Monica tries to literally kill Claire throughout the series.

Later on in the book, as the four roommates find out that Oliver, Eve's boss at the copy shop named Common Grounds, is a vampire. When he comes to the house, Claire answers the door and invites him in, much to Michael's horror. He was already killed once by Oliver, becoming a half-ghost trapped in his own house. He does not want to relive the experience.  Along with Oliver, Shane's dad Frank comes back to town. He's known for hating the vampires, and stakes Michael, killing him again.