Thursday, February 27, 2014

Be Bold (posted from "Stay Beautiful")

There are endless ways to take risks and express your style: through your hairstyle, clothing, decor, writing, or art. You can also use makeup as a creative outlet to make a statement. Whether it's a simple cat eye or a full-on rainbow look, the boldness of your makeup is totally up to you! Here are some tips for conveying your style and personality using makeup:

1. Find and highlight a unique feature.

Whether you have an unusual eye shape or a beautiful array of freckles, play up the feature that sets you apart from everyone else. Use eyeliner to enhance the shape of your eyes or a blush to bring out an interesting undertone in your skin.

Singer Selena Gomez commonly uses a smokey eye makeup look to play up her eye shape. --Credit for the photo.

Youtuber HelloKatyxo shows off her naturally thick brows by keeping the rest of her makeup simple. --Credit for the photo.

2. Feel free to incorporate touches of your personal style.

Once you've selected a feature that you want to accent, it's time to put your personal style onto it. Girly, edgy, boho, you name it! Express yourself by adding in hints of your style to your makeup routine. If you're a girly-girl, try adding a dusting of pink to your eyelid or cheeks, or a touch of glitter to the center of your lips. If you love to rock a daring and edgy style, incorporate some drama to your look by sporting a bold, dark lip color.

This eyeshadow look, complete with a pink highlight color, is girly without going overboard.

Mac's lipstick in the shade "Cyber" adds intensity and drama to any otherwise simple makeup look. --Credit for the photo.

A thin line of rainbow colors across the upper or lower lash line is a great way to express your fun personality. Top off the look with a coat of mascara and you're good to go!

3. Create one focus point of your makeup look.

Everyone loves a good smoky eye, a bright red lip, and some defined contouring, but not all at once! Pick one aspect of your makeup that you want to make a statement with and keep the rest more understated and natural while still maintaining a balance. For example, if you opt for an intense eyeshadow look, pair it up with a lip color that won't be competing with your eyes for the spotlight. Think complement, not clash. 

A smoky eye and a nude lip are a match made in heaven! --Credit for the picture.

The lady in this picture was smart to keep her eye and cheek makeup subtle while rocking a fierce red lip. The winged liner across the upper lash line creates the perfect balance -- a bold lip with no eye makeup could look unbalanced. Credit for the photo.

4. Take risks

Don't be afraid to express yourself. Experiment and try new things, because you'll never know how you look with certain makeup until you wear it! Remember not to go too crazy, because often times the strongest statements are the simplest ones.

Credit for the photo.

5. Stay true to your style

It's great to branch out and try different new makeup looks, but always keep your personal style in mind and value it as you experiment. Use makeup to express yourself, not transform into a different person.

And with that, stay beautiful!

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