Monday, March 3, 2014

What to do with old chainsaws (from the blog, "Chainsaws")

Today I'll talk about what to do with your old saws.
If you don't want them whether you have one old saw or one hundred you can
1. give them away
2. try to sell them
3. throw them away (this is the least recommended method for dealing with old chainsaws)

When you try to sell chainsaws, there is a fine line of what people and collectors will buy. The average Joe will buy most saws under 10 years and under for $150.  If your saw is in the 15 to 25 year range, it is much harder to sell especially if it is a smaller saw. This range is the hardest to sell because most saws in this range are not old enough for collectors and too old for the average joe. When you really don't want the saws, the best thing is to just to give them away.  If you were just going to throw them away or let them sit till they die, you should just give them away. if your saw is really old 35 years or older you could probably sell them to a collector.
 This is a little nice to give away, but it is old.

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