Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Final Fantasy XIV (from G4m3 Z0n3)

One of my favorite game series is Final Fantasy.  That's just me, but I love the game series. The newest game from them is Final Fantasy 14, or FFXIV which is a MMORPG. This is a remake of their less successful FFXI.

FFXIV was expected and wanted by so many that in the first week of it being out, the Digital Downloads were sold out (I know I tried buying it), and the CD copies had a huge gash in its numbers. To add on to that success in sales the servers were full!  They had to both add servers and increase the capacity!

This game will probably make more sense if you are a fan of Final Fantasy, but also if you are really into MMO's. I forgot to mention that they hoped this game would be a big success so much it is even on sale for PS3.

You can play on just computer realms, just PS3 realms, or if you have friends who play on PS3 and you play on computer, you can play on cross realms!! Check it out, I know I will. Oh and here is their main site is where I got the picture of Behemoth, but he is in most if not all the games)
P.S. It will make it easy to get on if you play computer if you have a Square Enix account, you will have to create one if you don't

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